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Unbullyable The Book

Unbullyable The Book

Bullying solutions for parents and children

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this book is only currently
available in Australia, it can be
purchased internationally thru Amazon

Welcome to the journey of supporting your child move from bullied to Unbullyable. My goal is to facilitate ONE MILLION people move from bullied to Unbullyable, and I would love it if your child could be one of those people. As a parent of three gorgeous, beautiful, precious children (I’m just a little biased!), I know what it is to want my children to be happy. And when children are bullied, they are far from happy. I am motivated to help by the fact that, every night, there are children all over the world who cry themselves to sleep because they are the targets of bullying. Sadly, some of these children find it too much to endure, can see no end to their pain, and take their own life. Yet I know it doesn’t have to be this way, because parents can help. There is something we can do about bullying.

This book has been seven years in the thinking and three years in the writing. In these pages I share with you everything I know about helping children move from bullied to Unbullyable. I have also written this book in support of you, your child’s parent. The theory is based on what I have learnt and applied in my studies of psychology, cognitive behaviour sciences, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics (NS) and Meta-Coaching. Yet writing this book has required more than just knowledge of theory. I have used my years of specialising in coaching children affected by bullying to write this book in support of you. I want you to know what I know, so you can help your child. I want you to be able to answer the question I’m asked by parents on a daily basis: ‘How can I help my bullied child?’

I started coaching children affected by bullying in 2006. I didn’t set out to be the ‘Bullying Lady’, as some people call me. It has just magically turned out that way - and I’m so glad. I’m privileged to have amazingly powerful conversations about bullying every day. I get to coach, train, write and present (yes I even enjoy public speaking because it means I’m spreading the message), ‘We CAN do something about bullying. It’s not all doom and gloom.’ Some people ask me if it’s depressing working with bullied children every day. I tell them it’s the opposite. It’s inspiring, uplifting and empowering to work with children who have had enough and who are keen to move from bullied to Unbullyable.

Unbullyable The Book